Friday, February 2, 2018

Day 6 of water fast


Feel okay today energy level good. The damn side stitch was quite bad today


69 kg - weight seems to have stalled.


Cotton mouth no more. Felt very "empty" at the end of the day and very tempted to go get something to eat.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Day 5 of water fast


Feel okay today energy level good. Strangest part all of the days I don't feel any hunger at all during morning hours.


69 kg


Cotton mouth gone, pain at the side of the ribs remain but less pronounced.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Day 4 of water fast


Feel okay today energy level good




Cotton mouth very pronounced today and mouth feels dry although water intake was increased

Lipid profile (After 3 days of fast):

Total - 13.2
HDL - 2.0
LDL - 11.0
Triglycerides - 0.5
Total / HDL - 6.6

Monday, January 29, 2018

Day 3 (72 hour mark)

Day 3 (72 hour mark)
Feeling: There is still back pain but less and foot today felt very tender during barefoot morning run.

 - Tiredness: Energy level is better today.

- Weight: 171kg Waist: 31 inches

Day 2 of 7 days of fasting

Day 2 (48 hour mark)
Feeling: There was a fair bit of back pain at about 11 am to 3 pm but after that it went away. I don't feel any hunger. Today I am doing a dry fast.

 - Tiredness: None just don't feel like running around or anything like that. Energy level is just a bit low but I don't feel bad. Sleepiness there is quite a fair bit reaching the 5:00 pm mark.

- Weight: 172kg Waist: 31 inches

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Easily staying afloat on High Sierra

Whenever I use Mac I always miss "Always On Top" functionality for my windows. Don't ask me why up until today MacOS stubbornly refuses to add this functionality. Afloat is the closest I have found to make this work on Mac (though not all windows works)

The last time I tried installing Afloat, I had to slaughter a chicken and dance with it's blood smeared all over my body in the cold moonlight ... to make it work so this time when I my mini could not boot up anymore, I had to look find the way to install it again and I was filled with dread.  There are a few guides on getting it to work and a lot of them did not work or worked for earlier versions not the latest High Sierra. Finally I found this:

It's the easier to do, though you still probably have to reboot and disable System Integrity Protection on Mac. So finally it's working again ...

 Yayy ! Back to pretending to do something productive.