Sunday, January 6, 2008

A different view of blogger

After having a gym session and talking to geekool, I am having a different view of blogger. I used to like having my own plone site and managing it, but after chin seng explained how it would make more sense and less headaches just having your blog in blogger, it just hit home to me.

One thing about having my blog here is that no one can come and tell me that need to move it or need to shut it down or anything like that. So, I am going to put my blog up here from now on and this will be the central point of dissemination of all information.

On projects, currently I am still working on a web project using django and I am learning up the little nooks and crannies of the language. It would seem that most of the project's repo is placed in google code repositories. I am using a calendar event but it seems to be buggy. But while researching for this, I found this project that seems a bit more promising. Will look into this and report later on this.

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