Monday, January 7, 2008

grok zope

Just finished my tutorial and much kudos to the author for making zope easy. The tutorial is well paced and newbies should have no problems understanding some of the concepts of zope, although to be honest when the part about the persistence come rolling along, it would pay to have some zope experience.

To me it is good to see zope reinvent ( or in this case re architect ) itself to meet the demands of web application frameworks of today. It used to be that people never looked twice at zope when you needed to deploy a basic web application because they did not want the extra baggage that came with zope ( esp the 2.x branch ) although it came with a host of useful features that would really help to shorten development time of any web application. Now with zope3, I am confident of zope being the cog that can fit into much much more wheels out there.

Good stuff ! If you haven't checked out what the whole bruhaha is surrounding zope3, do yourself a favor and drop by and try out the tutorials, the very least is you will walk away understanding the zope framework and architecture a whole lot better.

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