Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More good words for z3

Electric Duncan some more good things to say about zope3 or z3 here, this time it's vs django. To a certain extent I do agree with some of the things mentioned in that article. At times I do feel that I am trying to bend django to my will when I was coding my application, but alas, I am too green in z3 to give any meaningful comment regarding the comparison. Here, duncan mentions something that piqued my interest - Coding his application in z3, with learning curve thrown in took him two days ! Now that is a wow-ser for me !

Although at the back of my mind the article look more slanted towards zope than django which might explain why the author felt more at home with z3, but then it's a good read after all and has inspired me more to go towards giving z3 another serious look for my web development work.
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