Sunday, January 27, 2008

What has happened to plonecollectorng ?

One my favorite product on plone is the plonecollectorng. I like all the functionality that it offers. It was imo ahead of it's time. I was actually planning to use it to build part of company's portal as the customer care center but as I found out later it seems that plonecollectorng has disappeared from the plone world. When I ask on the channel it's people who answer me only do so in whispers and would rather not have anything to do with it and even went so far as to suggest me a new collector called poi. I felt so much like Charleston Heston in Planet of the Apes !

I am sorry I lost touch with the plone world a little while, but can anyone actually explain to me what has happened to plonecollectorng ?


duffyd said...

Hi Low,
Most recently I used PloneCollectorNG with Plone 2.5.x successfully. A company I previously worked with are still using it as the main issue tracker for their business (on Plone 2.5.x). So yes it is still out in the wild!

I haven't tried it with Plone 3 and yes I do think it is a great issue tracker.

Unknown said...

I use PloneCollectorNG with Plone 2.1 on our intranet. It appears that no one is actively maintaining it. It would be nice if there was a core set of well-maintained products, including an issue tracker. Well, perhaps we all need to migrate to Poi.

Vivi said...

duffyd - it doesnt work for Plone 3.X - says so on the site.

My question is - as it is - does it work well ?