Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Zope's best kept secrets

Stumbled upon this gem of an article during one of my searches, the article does a decent job of summarizing what are the best features inside zope but wonders why zope is still the best kept secret. Reading that reminded me of a video I saw at plone.tv. Check it out here. Okay, so this is a plone screencast, but I shrudder to think of zope's future if the same people are involved. I mean come on, this guy is supposed to be involved in marketing plone and he is boring me to tears ! That ain't supposed to be happening. I am supposed to feel inspired after one of these right ? Heck at least the grok presentation was funny ....

I mean I can understand if English is not his language, but give a little more enthusiasm than that huh ... ?! Put me up infront of a stage of people and I can sell plone better than that pal. More thought should be given into zope / plone marketing if this is the state of the team involved with marketing it now.


Khairil said...

Stop whining so much and just do it:


lowkster said...

Thanks ! Just what I have been looking for !!