Thursday, May 15, 2008

getting tapping to work on fc9

Currently i am running fc9 on my trusty old acer and one of the initial irritants I found was that tapping on the touchpad no longer works (In opensuse it worked just fine out of the box). This is a real annoying bug as I am used to tapping my way around using my touchpad. Scouring the fedora forums, I finally chanced upon this entry in the redhat bug list. Well, well, well it turns out the "bug" isn't really a bug after all. A long story short basically your package of synaptics from fedora has a patch that has disabled tapping on touchpads because some wiseguy thought that it was for the best since no one really likes tapping on a touchpad.

So a guy called Bob Kashani was kind enough to rebuild the packages and remove the the offending patch. All you have to do is download his rpm from :

Run a rpm -Uvh, do a restart of the Xorg by doing the old ctrl-alt-backspace and you are good to go :)

Thanks bob for the package. It works great here !

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Indro said...

Thanks to Low and Bob for providing the tapping fix!! Much obliged:)