Wednesday, June 4, 2008

index vs. metadata

Newbies hacking up scripts for the first time in a zope or plone environment might be confused at some of the terminology, heck I know I was ! Anyway, one that took me some time to grok not to mention numerous emails bugging people on the mailing list to understand is the difference between portal catalog indexes and metadatas. I will just say it in my own words here as I understand it now.

Index are keywords you add to portal catalog to allow you to create query based on them. Eg. query['Title'] = 'lowkster'. Here, 'Title' would be an index. The easiest way to see all the index in your portal_catalog would be to use the zmi. Go to the root of your site using the zmi and then access your portal catalog using the link provided by the left hand side menu. Here youwill find a tab called 'Indexes'. Here are the listing of all the Indexes in your portal's catalog. You can also add a new index in your portal catalog using this page.

Metadatas on the other hand are stuff that you want to show in your query results. For example you query your portal catalog and in the result is a metadata called 'Books'. You can then in your page template display this by calling it as such '. To set one of the fields in your content type as a metadata field, you have to add the variable 'isMetaData=True' to your field definition. You can also add a new metadata to the portal catalog using the zmi.

Anyway, forgive me if my way of explaining indexes and metadatas is wrong. This is just my way of understanding the difference between the two. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

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