Sunday, December 28, 2008

opensuse 11.1 and python 2.6

Just upgraded my X61's opensuse from 11.0 to 11.1 and found that the opensuse team bumped up the python version from python-2.5.x to python-2.6. Woohooops! Definitely won't win them any new fans in the Python camp for that move. For one deluge no longer works as it uses Python-2.5.x. As a comparison, although the folks over at the Fedora-10 camp is also known for their up to date apps, they still maintained python at version 2.5.2 to maintain a semblance of sanity with some of the apps that need python 2.5. I am just going through the multitude of Python applications I have on my box to see which one greets me with a "Goodbye cruel world" bomb. Why oh why do you have to be like that opensuse?! Well on the upside the whole desktop experience has improved and I had a relatively smooth upgrade path.

Something else too, kde-4.1 which used to be pretty clunky and unusable in 11.0 has been improved and after a while of getting used to it, I am beginning to think it's pretty good.

Well, when the lizard gives you lemon make lemonade I guess ... time to revisit ktorrent. I just hope everything else is intact.


Anonymous said...

2.6 is the latest version, the backwards incompatibilities are things like string exceptions which has been recommended against since forevah, so few programs should break, unless they expect to break for every 2.x release because they use subtle undocumented behaviour. :)

So the softwares in question should require a 2.5 package, simply... said...

Arch Linux has also moved to python 2.6 as their default python package. Our version of Deluge works no problem. We've tested pretty much all of our python packages with 2.6 and they all work with minimal patching.

lowks said...

jchu great that you brought up archlinux, I was actually thinking last night of revisiting it. One of my all time favorite distros. Simple and beautiful. :)