Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Django CRM?

Few of our customer came up asking for some crm functionality from us. Quite a few actually. These are not full blown sugarcrm kind of requirements. Actually they are very simple functionality. Looking at these requirements, it made me think that going for something like sugar would be like taking three steps back to gain a step forward. I would have to spend my time editting out functionality and it would be a dumbing down process all over again. Rather than go this route I thought it would be nice to probably use Django to build them this.

Looking around here are some of the links I found relating Django to CRMs:

Seems that most of them are either abandoned or not very usable. Sigh ...

That's about all that I found for django crm. The rest of the solutions are too much of an overkill in terms of hacking time or completeness. Okay now my favorite part ... back to the Django drawing board.
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