Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Django talk

Just finished my Django talk yesterday and I must say while a few dude and dudettes walked out, there was generally quite good interest (better than I thought) from a few young people in the crowd. Initial talks are also underway to form a PUG or Python User Group locally here in Malaysia. I would really like to see this happen. The response has been quite good infact I would go so far as to push to even include Python in some programming curriculum in our universities.

That is the only way I would see Python growing and getting more acceptance. On that note too I also mentioned during my talk for frameworks like ROR, Django, TG and it's like to gain more acceptance in the industry, more articles or howtos concentrating on enterprise level deployments of these frameworks have go to be available.

Something like: http://enterprise.djangoproject.com?

I would really like to see Django grow from it's current girth to something that could rival all the J2EE stuff out there.

Nice link here to some good django slides ... damn could have used those for my talk :).

P/S -Thanks to all those readers who came to the talk :)


Unknown said...

wish to be there.
something happens in the last minute.

btw when will be the python malaysia meetup?

lowkster said...

Soon (I hope) want to gather up a few Python guys locally here and start with small meetups first. Are you interested?

Unknown said...

yes i want to, you're the one responsible to the python malaysia group in facebook?

well i think you can utilize that

lowkster said...

No unfortunately that is not me.