Monday, July 27, 2009

Django 1.1

Django 1.1 is nearing a release and from what I can see about the new features the two most exciting one (to me at least) are improvements from the models end that is the "managed" model and the "proxy" models. Managed models would be good for existing tables that should not be managed by django. This is useful in some of my projects in which I am using django for database work but do not necessarily need django to manage it. Now if only the database evolve stuff or database versioning stuff: could be integrated into the core, now that would be superb!

Talking about migration too, is this project: still alive. Doesn't look like there are any downloadable stuff. The examples are half of what I need what I further need is the ability to undo db migration changes between revisions.

6 comments: said...

You might look in to south (

It is my preferred django migrations library and supports rolling migrations back as well as forward.

Dougal said...


Use south, everybody is.

Colm O'Connor said...

PLEASE integrate south instead.

Norman J. Harman Jr. said...

Another vote for South.

It's so simple to use/understand. Although, I haven't had need to get down and dirty it absolutely looks like it carries fwd Django's awesome design of "make the simple automatic, and don't get in my way when I need to get complex"

Unknown said...

Django 1.0, was a great release for me, fast enough and very stable, just the 1.1 release better better.
-- clark from TX

lowkster said...

What clark said