Monday, September 7, 2009

import scripts using python

Today I finished another import script using python. The import medium is from Excel to MySQL db. I began my importing exploits using Python and have used it ever since. After doing so many import scripts using Python as my main language I could not think of using anything else. While some other people might be using Bash, I have been using Python ever since the beginning I got my feet wet in doing data migration for systems. Some of the reasons why I like Python for this task are:

1. The wealth of libraries available. I particularly like the csv module which I use heavily in my imports the DictReader module in the csv module also makes short of a lot work during imports. I just cannot imagine using something else.

2. The dicts, the lists and tuples are indispensable and great little tools in sifting through data.

3. Python's clean and structured program allows me to pass the script to juniors or allows me to look back at the import script to either use it at another location or improve it 3 months down the line.

Then the question is why don't more people write import scripts in python? Well I can think of a few cons when it comes to using Python in import scripts and these are:

1. For old ass machines such as old style Solaris or HP/UX Python is just not installed by default. While you can install a copy of python on these boxes, sometimes you do not have that liberty and besides the first rule of any importing job is not to add more applications on the system you are trying to import data into.

Hmm I think I can only think of one valid reason why using Python would not give you and edge. I am using Python till this day importing all my data and have not faced any issues yet. How is your experience ?

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