Thursday, December 3, 2009

Project Documentation

Currently I am in the process of passing down my project to some juniors and I find the need to document it. Me being the lazy ass programmer that I am obviously started to look for something that would allow me to complete my documentation in as least steps and most painless way as possible. Found two main applications that I am using now:

1. Sphinx -> For main documenting work.

2. Happydoc -> For parsing and generating code documentation.

Both are quite easy to use and allows documentation to be generated in various format, which includes latex, html or pdf. Nice thing is both supports rest type reStructured text formatting which I just absolutely adore and is great to work with. I am especially impressed with Sphinx and the beautiful documents generated by Sphinx, coming with it's own search and everything. It's just what the lazy programmer doctor ordered. I am still evaluating both of these programs and am still open to other choices but so far these fit the bill nicely.

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Ralf Gommers said...

Sphinx is indeed a fantastic tool to work with. I would recommend that you use it for everything, including API docs. It's also more future-proof than Happydoc.

For examples of how to use it for API docs see the NumPy docs or (a smaller example you could copy from) scikits.image: