Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting mtp device (Sony Walkman) to automount in mandriva 2010 powerpack

Currently I am running Mandriva 2010 powerpack on my laptop. Everything worked correctly and great and there are a lot of things I like about Mandriva. Today while trying to get my Sony walkman to automount as a usb device it just did not work automagically like how it did in my OpenSuSE. I debugged it a bit and found that it was recognized as a usb device but it just did not mounted automatically (I use KDE). Shot up nautilus and everything worked just great.

Being in a frisky mode today, I was undaunted and continued to search around for the solution. Found the solution in a Mandriva forum here:

MTP Solved Forum

A bit outdated yes but I deciphered what I could from there, and found that the solution is to install mtpfs. Just do a 'urpmi mtpfs' as root and your Sony Walkman should automount automagically from thereon after and everything will be hunky dory on your Mandriva baby.

Btw, I am also quite impressed with the number of packages offered in Mandriva. Nearly all of the Python packages I am used to is in here and the package installer is space age fast!

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