Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Linux type?

As part of what we do, we help business people migrate over from their usually rotten Windows XP, Vista and what ever else incarnation of Redmond OS over to Linux. We found that some people really took to Linux while some got stuck in purgatory complaining constantly in the transition period. I found that certain types of personality as well as expectations makes the whole process smooth and dare I say even enjoyable?

  • I found that the more open the new user is to a new OS, being more open to forget about Windows they are the more enjoyable the process is. "This used to work so much better on my laptop in Windows ..." kinda attitude will almost guarantee a world of pain.
  • Having a positive attitude helps ... as in you are home ... your printer does not work instantly ... instead of just chalking it up to the new OS being bad just give it a whirl and think of the fun of trying out something new will make it enjoyable. 
  • Trusting your new OS as well as your new found friend (me) when it comes to buying peripherals will help during the transition. 
Those with the attitude above really took to Linux like fish to water and it sorta became their bragging rights in among their friends. Remember too that these are pure business people without any prior Linux experience. So it's gratifying to me to over hear them in conversation with their friends "Aiya ... you are still using that slow piece of crap .. see my new Open Source OS! No virus can touch it and it's blazing fast!" It's nice to know we did one for Linux advocacy in our own way as well as fill our pockets up a bit :).

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Anonymous said...

Well, speaking as someone who has been using Linux for over ten years for server tasks but stays in Windows when it comes to client-oriented requirements, I have to say that a LOT of stuff really DOES work so much better under Windows (just as some stuff does work much better under Linux).

Linux is absolutely NOT a satisfactory 100% replacement for Windoze, although for certain tasks (mostly server side stuff), I would readily admit that it can be superior not only price-wise, but ease-of-use wise. But... unless you REALLY have to penny-pinch, Windows STILL gets a lot of client-oriented jobs done much much faster than having to fiddle with crap (this can be fun and extremely educational for those who are not time-constrained, but it is hell for those with deadlines) under Linux.