Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Repoze BFG

The repoze.bfg Web Application Framework: Version 1.2

I have been trying repoze BFG's tutorials the past few days and I must say that I like it just judging from the tutorials. Firstly I was very surprised the tutorials worked out of the box ... after being hammered around by the tutorials from Grok, so it was a nice surprise. Looking at the examples too it doesn't make my eyes bleed _so_much_ so I am definitely interested to know more about Repoze.

Developed by , on the whole the project has a good solid feel to it offering tons of documentations on it's site. Of course you cannot run that far away from the mind-melting Zope framework but then hey! trust me, it looks a whole lot better! It says that Repoze is inspired by Zope, Pylons and Django and I would say it shows in the code produced.

According to the site, Repoze is MV rather than MVC as there is not much of a 'Controller' to talk about. I am currently actively looking for a project where I can really put Repoze to the metal to see how it fits me in a project environment.

As someone said long time ago to me ... all frameworks suffer from the same disease ... it can really do the 90% fast and great but it's the last 10% that is going to blast the skin from your bones ... okay so I am paraphrasing, but you get my point. So, I am going to put this one through the paces hopefully initially with a smallish project that is not so heavy with the funky specs with just one or two bumps on the road to stretch the framework a bit.

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boothead said...

I couldn't agree more,

for an example of the 10% you're talking about I got repoze.bfg hooked up with eventlet and websockets in next to no time here:

(I'm building a real time process monitoring app)
Graph traversal feels so much more natural!