Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Book review Django- Django E-Commerce by Jesse Legg

Folks at Packt sent me another book to review which is Django E-Commerce. Right off the bat I got some comments regarding how relevant this book might be with so many applications based on Django that do ecommerce floating out there.

For me though, I find this book is suited for those people who want to use Django building an Ecommerce site by using the tools provided by a default installation of Django. It also gives insight into how the ecommerce tools are built. It starts from the best place possible which is from a working example.

Each section is explained carefully from the overview to the technical implementation of the module. This is very useful and I learnt a thing or two reading most of the explanation here.

The payment process here employs the 'google checkout' processor to process the payment. What is covered here is also the use of one of Django 'secret sauce' which is views and each section and code is explained. The steps on how to lift a normal Django component to enterprise level functionality is explained starting from using the most basic way of implementation. This approach is taken in explaining the search module and it's great! I like it this way as it's a progression approach and programmers will learn why code and approaches evolve the way they do. Great way of learning! Here too the author explains and shows how to use some of the most famous Django plugins to achieve what we want to do.

Using Sphinx for an E-Commerce site is also used here and the value here is that the example can be easily expanded to create more complex examples or sites. Later in the reporting section integration to salesforce is shown. I really like this as these examples are practical examples that can be used to create a real E-Commerce site that works and avoid walking too much on the academic side of things. This is the main strength of this book. Amazon, JScript and a lot of other tools are also shown.

I will definitely be keeping this book handy on my book shelf for reference in building an E-Commerce app and I highly recommend it.

Check out the book here: http://www.packtpub.com/django-1-2-e-commerce-build-powerful-applications/book?utm_source=blog.lowkster.com&utm_medium=bookrev&utm_content=blog&utm_campaign=mdb_003437

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Mike Driscoll said...

FYI: Over on Amazon, no one has given this book more than 3 stars. Everyone is complaining about poor editing and execution.