Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who's playing catch up now?

At one time if I remembered correctly, ruby came up with their gems framework first. I tried it out and really liked it as I got to try out various gems without having to worry if my platform had packages for it or not. At that point the poor Python was left in the dust at the other side of the room without anything remote resembling gems or cshell (Perl).

Fast forward a couple of years and now easy_install and virtualenv and these two great apps are so wide spread. I used them so much and got used to using and depending on them that when I found myself returning to gem to try out watir, a framework for web testing, I found gem to be clunky and unwieldy. Kudos to the Python camp! In such a short time you have left gems shaking it's head disbelief in the dust! Who said snakes can't be fast.

For those who are interested, I had problems installing the gem for watir and encountered all sorts of errors and upon searching for the download point for watir to download it by hand, let's just say I missed PyPi a lot.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Python-Flask packages in opensuse

Been doing some work and playing around with opensuse's great build service and as a result, my packages has been accepted by the opensuse team. So, now pensuse has python-flask and a few related packages in there.

Use the devel:languages:python and enjoy.

Alternatively use the search to find what you need.