Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time to update my Python on windows

It's time again to play with my Python on my Windows vm and I thought it was high time I updated it since it was running ver. 2.5. First came the easy part, replacing Python itself. I just downloaded and changed the path for python in window's environment variable.

I ran 'easy_install mysql-python' thinking on other tasks ahead. Hmm .. command now found, fudge around with the paths and found that I had to install the setuptools for windows. Installed it, changed the path to point at PATH;C:\Python27\Scripts and boom now my Python has easy_install. Little did I know more fun lies in wait ...

First in trying out 'easy_install mysql-python' I ran into an error saying "error: Setup script exited with error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat". Looks like my install was still lacking something. After some digging around, it seems that, that error is equivalent of gcc not found on Linux, so I was off to install MingGW.

Install that, downloaded the sources for MySQLdb from They used to provide binaries for MySQLdb but it seems now no more. I ran into another error! Google lead me to this answer: Good point. So I finally found my answer here... Thanks codegood or Ioannis Lalopoulos, for saving a few more of those pili on my scalp! Now ... to find that win32com!
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