Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finally! 2.6.38-9 is it!

It took 9 revisions but as of kernel 2.6.38-9, my arch box can now reboot and halt fine (just need to put 'rmmod e1000e' in /etc/rc.local.shutdown) and I can live with it for now. For the longest time (about 2 months) after upgrading to 2.6.38 my box just would not reboot or poweroff without hanging and I was actually toying around with idea of replacing my Arch with Fedora 15.

The relevant posts:

1. Arch Forums

2. Kernel bugzilla

I wonder what magicks was sprinkled on this latest stable kernel. Wish there was like someway to read changelogs for revisions on the command line just before I do a 'pacman -Syu', or is there really a changelog maintained for the kernel? From the looks on the kernel bugzilla, it doesn't seem to be moving at all at the moment.

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