Thursday, June 7, 2012

Replacing our eggbasket server

Currently our company uses Christopher Arndt's eggbasket, which seems more than anything to be abandoned-ware since the last release was 2008 and there has not been any changes to the code since then.

It's based on TG and since TG has been going through some tremendous changes since 2008 in terms of it's API, easy_install-ing eggbasket will not work anymore as it's broken 7 days to Sunday. Here, we really love his eggbasket as it's simple to use and really pretty looking, but alas, good things must come to an end and more importantly good things must also be replaced.

I can hear people out there saying that creating our own eggbasket is as easy as statically linking a folder in Apache, but hey I love trying out software and want to give some apps out there a chance ... after trying a few, we decided to go with pypiserver as it seems that this project seems to be still maintained and the most active.

Installing it is as easy as easy_install or pip and running it is dead simple too. There was one based on Django called localshop and it really looked pretty with tons of features to boot but in our case it's an overkill. Localshop even has a feature to limit to access to the eggbasket server using cidr! Really nice stuff but then not really what we need.

About the only gripe that I can probably say about pypiserver is that it does not use templates and just prints html (Remember me saying about it being really simple ? Well, I was not in anyway kidding!), but I guess we can slap on a templating app to it and maybe submit it back to the author, if he wants it. So finally, good bye to Christ's eggbasket and hello to our new eggbasket server by Ralf Schmitt!