Monday, September 10, 2012

OpenSuSE 12.2 delivers again

Just upgraded OpenSuSE to 12.2 and I am happy to report the upgrade process is flawless as usual. Stuffed in the DVD, settled some packaging conflicts and I was good to go. Half an hour later 12.2 was smiling back at me after rebooting after I restarted my machine. This is by no means a review, just a little tip of the hat to the OpenSuSE guys for making the upgrade process smooth.

I don't think enough is said or enough accolades is paid to hardworking folks that helps me to retain a few more of my already receding follicles after a major upgrade. Thank you guys! Aside from having to re-install my google chrome and my codecs (Why can't they just have an option to do or enable that during upgrade process ??) nothing much of anything was interesting. Boring. Crickets. That's the way a smooth and great upgrade should be.

Really like the work put into the boot up screen and the improvements done to zypper. Overall the box at homes is chugging along at a somewhat higher speed.

Thank you OpenSuSE. Just the other day it crossed my mind that I have had more than a decade affair with OpenSuSE and it just seems get stronger from release to release.
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