Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Presenting ... the inupypi server

After using the pypiserver: for sometime to house our internal eggs and libraries, we (one of my colleagues at least, very very quietly I might add) decided add to give back to the Python community by developing our own pypiserver called InuPyPi: which is based on Flask. Some of the features of our pypi server are:

  • A nice(r) web interface for packages.
  • Supports multiple eggbasket folder per server.
  • Auto searching for updates of packages (planned)
  • One click update for outdated packages (planned)
  • Command-line tool to upload to server something like 'python upload' (planned. This will be pretty close to doing)
For those who are interested to contribute the project, the project lives in github: We will appreciate suggestions and help with our pypi server. 
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