Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Daily usecases for a torchlight in a geek's life

Recently I purchased a Fenix PD-32 torchlight and have been getting endless questions about the whys and the uses I have for my torchlight, especially when people see it peeking out ever so slightly from my pocket, so in order to put these questions or part of them to rest let me list down here the use cases my torch sees throughout a typical day.

The Fenix range of EDC (Every Day Carry) torchlights are not your typical torchlights. They are of higher end quality and are built tougher than the free torchlight that comes together in the package of batteries you bought at your local mini mart. 

  1. As a "lantern" during those late nights when you family is asleep and you are still in owl mode. Scenario: The room is dark and you don't really want to switch on any lights so as not to wake up your wife and your baby when you are groping around trying to look for that damn thumbdrive which you copied your movie into. Trust me during this time a torch is invaluable.
  2. During the day when you are driving around suddenly you want to check what is that rank coming out of your car's AC system. Nothing works better than a good torch in these conditions. Great for checking if your car is okay too after you scraped through a particularly bad road bump.
  3. The torch is built with higher end steel, with higher end material. In some really boring long meetings, I just want something something warm and non threatening to hold and play around in my hands. I tried using a folding knife for this end but let's just say the outcome of the meeting not to mention the look of the other participants of the meeting was not that favorable. 
  4. As a source of light instead of using your iPhone during the night. Come on, using your phone as the light source is so-un-geek and yesterday. Besides, moving around my house during the night with the Fenix makes me feel like a badass cat burglar or a cop investigating a crime scene. You might have to do a bit of explaining though if your neighbors happen to think the same thing when they see the light of your torch.
  5. You are not a fully qualified geek when you did not have to go into a dark server room after a blackout to restart back servers. The ideal server room is fully lit and after the electricity is restored you should never have to use a torch, but then ideal case ? In this world ? Under the floor paneling ? Get a torch!
  6. Get the right kind of torch, like in my case and you give yourself reason to get more geeky hardware like a lithium battery charger! Great fun! More stuff to hide away from the Missus or SWMBO.
  7. Great way to impress other geeks by submerging your torch in water or throwing it 1 meter away only to reveal it's unscathed. 
  8. I run barefoot at night and sometimes the wee mornings and while I do not really encounter broken glass on the road all the time, the ones that I do see are usually the sharp brown type which is nearly invisible in some of the times I run. Little torch has saved my soles on numerous such occasions.