Monday, January 13, 2014

hsandbox: REPL-ing where there is none!

Yesterday while tinkering around with the go language and in the process of finding a nice REPL shell for it, I found this delightful little project called hsandbox. It's written in Python and employs a screen session with some clever engineering in the back end to provide you a nice REPL screen without installing anything extra on your machine. Just what I needed. Currently, hsandbox supports:

  •     C (hsandbox c)
  •     C++ (hsandbox cc)
  •     Clojure (hsandbox clj)
  •     C# (mono) (hsandbox cs)
  •     Erlang (hsandbox erl)
  •     Go (hsandbox go)
  •     Haskell (ghc) (hsandbox hs)
  •     Java (hsandbox java)
  •     Javascript (Node) (hsandbox js)
  •     Lua (hsandbox lua)
  •     Objective C (hsandbox m)
  •     Pascal (gpc) (hsandbox pas)
  •     PHP (hsandbox php)
  •     Perl (hsandbox pl)
  •     Python (hsandbox py)
  •     Ruby (hsandbox rb)
  •     Shell (sh) (hsandbox sh)
A screenshot of hsandbox running lua is shown below. The one thing that would be nice which I have asked for is the ability to clear the screen with a switch.

Ingenuity with the available tools always gets my respect! Bravo! Try it and see what you think.