Saturday, December 6, 2014

Links and app finds of the week

Links of the week

After having a child, I joined the scores of parents around the world grimacing when checking out the rising prices of children books, so this link was a god send:

Easy way to share a file and set up a chat session ? aka. "Why didn't I think of this first ?!"


Insightful article of the week :

Spiritual Project Management

This one will be another one of those sites, which I will go to from time to time for a pick me up from a spiritual perspective. What is unique about this site is that he, the author tackles some of life hardest questions with easy to understand writing with great illustrations to boot.  Wish I had this resource during my awkward growing up phase. Well, guess it's never too late since I am just in the middle of that phase now!

Oliver Emberton

Watch anime online ! Nuff said!


Currently watching Ghost Hunt and Parasyte. Tokyo Ghouls was great but then the ending a bit too abrupt and dangling for my taste.

Apps of the week

Another one of those apps so simple to use and made so much sense, I am still beating my head wondering why I did not think of it first ...

Cheat Sheet

Fancy a great gui tool for tangling with github on a Mac, then you can't do worse than use their own tool ! There is however me thinks a missing link in my workflow when working with this app however which is the ability to fork the project from the app itself. For that you are better off using hub for github.

Github for Mac

I have always wanted to create a childrens' book and lately the urge just got stronger, yet searching for a self publishing tool for children book brings you through the seedier part of the Interwebs. Ironic if you ask me. Anyway, I found a somewhat usable tool for this from, please note this is a heavy install.

Amazon's Kindle Book Creator

Yes you guessed it, YET ANOTHER EDITOR ... this time written (partly) in Scala, presenting, claim to fame ? Welll, it's a lot like Emacs ?


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Re-look at circleci part duex a review ?

One great comment from part 1 of this post is the fact that circleci does not really support parallelism like they promised for Open Source projects.

Finding no information on any searches on how to enabled it, I finally contacted their support team on their "hip chat" app and got response immediately. Turns out it's a bug on circleci itself and they have since enabled it.

I can now have 4 parallel cores or instances or whatever you want to call it for my project which is good. As supports go, I feel ... uh supported well by circleci group of support folks. They are responsive and they get back to you quickly.

After parallelism, I want to try deployment for my project next to see how that performs.  However, as my project itself is so simple with just one test, would be rather big of a stretch trying to parallelism to work on it. Perhaps should try parallelism on some other project that I have. 

Checkout the screen below for what the parallelism screen should look like for an open source project: