Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Re-look at circleci part duex a review ?

One great comment from part 1 of this post is the fact that circleci does not really support parallelism like they promised for Open Source projects.

Finding no information on any searches on how to enabled it, I finally contacted their support team on their "hip chat" app and got response immediately. Turns out it's a bug on circleci itself and they have since enabled it.

I can now have 4 parallel cores or instances or whatever you want to call it for my project which is good. As supports go, I feel ... uh supported well by circleci group of support folks. They are responsive and they get back to you quickly.

After parallelism, I want to try deployment for my project next to see how that performs.  However, as my project itself is so simple with just one test, would be rather big of a stretch trying to parallelism to work on it. Perhaps should try parallelism on some other project that I have. 

Checkout the screen below for what the parallelism screen should look like for an open source project:

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