Friday, March 15, 2019

DevOps for corporate ?

Implementing a DevOps strategy with your army of one team is most of the the time easy. It's just dependent on the sweat on your brow. A matter of experimentation, glue the pieces together push it out and you are pretty much good to go.

Put in a corporate environment into the mix and add in about a few hundred more people into the mix and you get a pretty interesting mix. Strangely this time around I don't find the exercise exhausting or that much frustrating. I have been struggling and examining my own feelings and comparing to find the difference in the situation this and why don't I feel so restless or frustrated. I think it's a function of growing up and the promise I see in the people that I am helping now. The difference I see with the people now is that they want to change and they feel a need to do so. No question about that.

However add in that dash of fear of the unknown of the new methods and practices and you get a a jumble of wishful thinking and half implemented ideas and visions. Main thing is try not to judge. That is very important. The book "Factfulness" says it best. Try to believe that people are not stupid. Practices or things are a certain way for a reason. Sticking with the belief that people or practices in an organisation is a certain way because people are stupid or stubborn just makes the task or changing or overhauling something in that same organisation so much insurmountable and frustrating for me.

Believing that people inherently want to do the right thing given the chance puts you on a mode of thinking or view that have a much higher chance for success. Then the only thing left are practices or governance that were erected to protect a collective belief or state not because people want to make other people's life harder but usually because they did not know better and were of the belief that the governance or checks will help their current situation.

Now I see a lot of opportunities for improvement and change that can be unlocked via many levels governance unlocked by convincing committees and gatekeepers. I am hopeful and see many opportunities to help and make things better enabling the organisation to move faster than it had before in the past.

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