Sunday, April 28, 2019

Some of the things I did not anticipate ...

Here are some of the things that I did not think to anticipate when tasked to implement a DevOps pipeline:

  1. The humongous sized enterprise grade software such as RTC (Rationale Team Concert from IBM) and UDevelop. They are used mainly for the development side for the development workflow. These guys are so big and bulky that you can't even download and study them on your own laptop as you would while you were investigating the functionality of an OSS software or library. They are a real road block to coming up with good viable replacement. You cannot replace what you cannot study. Most of the developers hate these pieces of software for development they are clunky and hard to use but these guy are real juggernaut when it comes to ops side features. Basically we came to the conclusion that this software was chosen mainly to fulfil some ops side requirements not so much the whole flow or pipeline. 
  2. These #1 pieces of software have a huge list of feature set that are not easily replaceable using OpenSource software without either: i. String a boat load of existing software together or ii. Accepting some limitations with the new replacement.
  3. Only jump servers being able to access key servers thus our strategies using Ansible as provisioning strategies crumble to dust. These jump servers are Windows 7 usually and the best that we have figured so far to get Ansible there would be to upgrade them to Windows 10. 
  4. After figuring out 3, it seems that UDevelop is this magical piece of software that can do all the things that Ansible can do and more, so in the end we were thinking should we use it or should we go out to replace it. We don't like how it's hard to test and learn but at the same time never re-invent the wheel right ?
  5. Number 5 I sort of anticipated but was still taken quite aback after realising the degree of the apathy people in the departments corporate have of the outcome of their initiatives or efforts. It seems that most of the departments are so far removed from the outcome that they do not even care if what they do (or don't) or if their projects even have a positive net effect on the outcome or the final result of deliverables. Not all are like that but the ones that do care have gained enough wisdom to only speak out when the timing is right or to just not speak up at all. This is sad to me. 
  6. The ops side of the equation is in another company all together which complicates change and proposals to change as you not only have to consider all the pros and cons in your own company but also if the changes will effect the other side. Bottom line is you have twice the redtape and twice the detractors. 
I breathe a silent prayer to the gods of Continuous Improvement that our efforts sees meets more smooth and happy days ahead and we do not loose site of our goals ahead. 

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