Monday, July 19, 2021

Some things to stop doing

 Here are a. few things that I am going to try my best to stop doing:

  1. How some relationships can stand in the way of success or goals no matter how much the person that is allowing it to happen says it's not so. 
  2. How mediocrity can be tolerated in service of a friendship.
  3. Trying to figure out how words and actions don't usually come hand in hand. 
  4. Stop looking deeper and continuously evaluating the values of my own goals. 
  5. Going to multiple virtual meeting at once. Like all the ones above this one is not worth it, no matter what I used to think in the past.
  6. Being surprised how mule headed and un-logical people can be when protecting a useless or pointless process. 
  7. Trying to understand why #6 is the way it is, you can ask why but usually the official reason does not make sense anyway. 
  8. Tying my organisational and personal mission to a person. That person might have inspired me towards my mission but that's it. Have a good day. I will take it from here.

1 comment:

Grimmtooth said...

Imagine five monkeys in a cage.

At the far end of the cage hangs a bunch of bananas.

Whenever a money tries to get a banana, all the monkeys are blasted with a fire hose.

Eventually, the monkeys stop trying.

Replace a monkey. The new monkey goes for the bananas, and the others beat the tar outta him to keep from getting hosed.

Proceed to replace each monkey.

Eventually, you don't even need the fire hose.

If you could talk to the monkeys, then when asked why he won't let the other monkeys get a banana, it's quite likely that he would say something like, "that's the way we've always done things here."

That's #6 in a nutshell.

I'm a big fan of processes to organize disorganized things, not a fan of chaos (which is often what #6 wants to bolster), but I am not a fan of doing things for the sake of doing them, and "that's now how we do things" better have a good reason or it's headed for the chopping block. :)

Good luck.