Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Why for some it's the end while others it's a challenge ?

 Today I started thinking about how challenges to certain people appear as roadblocks while others they are just challenges and is a problem to solve. I thought it was will power, vision and some character trait, but came to a conclusion after listening, reading and analysing successful people describe the challenges they face and how they overcome the challenge. 

I noticed more than anything they treat challenges as a problem to solve and they look very objectively at the problem. Their feelings or their sense of self are not tied to the outcome of the problem, rather the outcome is just an outcome to be observed to either be successful - stop the problem solving or iterate further and try a different approach to solve the problem. Problem solvers comes from in all shapes and forms, from all sorts of background but this is one of the trait that they seem to share. 

As it is the same to theorise how placing your hand on a hot kettle will be painful when your hand is not really on the kettle it's easier to think in theory when you are not actually in the situation, I think this also needs to be implemented and tried in real life, I will try to do this in my day to day now. It's hard but it's how a problem solver should think.

Do not rely on will power too as it is a limited resource and if it's a situation you to to force yourself to think daily, it is exhausting. It will not last long. 

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